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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Air Strike

Air Strike - tomisdabomb02

Well here I am with a brand new SSC set and that means there is a new session This Session is called ACE and the first coaster to kick start the Ace series is Air Strike. This coaster is going toi be my 2nd coaster using Tubular supports and it will be my first time using Tubes to support 85% of the track. The Coaster was not inspired by anything. I simply had an idea and went with it. I wanted to incorporate 2 methods of propulsion so I first had a lift and then I had a Launch. It was very difficult to design both a lift and a launch that would run effectively and efficiently on just one motor. The launch was hard to design because the 6 car train was quite heavy and had some large amount of mass. The train had to be sped up quickly as the launch section was very short. I designed a suspension system to make the train accelerate as fast as it could but not brake of from the rest of the carnages. I also added a 2nd chain dog under the 6th car of the train. This have the train extra power once the front dog detached from the launch train.. The coasters lift needed to run slower the launch chain for obvious reasons. So I just simply attached gears to make the lift run slower with more power. Since the lift chain was very tense and strong it needed an emergency release. If the chain got caught it would rip apart the lift because of the powerful gear ratio down change. So I made a simple Drum Clutch mechanism that disengaged the lift chain if it was coming under to much strain. It was fairly easy to make and it worked well. It saved me rebuilding the lift about 5 times.

Name on Train Comp
My name on train comp was the 1st Competition for usernames on trains.
The tomisdabomb02 NOT comp is the ORIDGINAL competition where anyone can get there name on my train!!! The first time I put usernames on my train was “ATOMIC ROCKET” over one and a half years ago! And the first ever competition I had was made more then 3 years ago when I advertised for names to be in the credits for “RAPTOR” My 4th Fav coaster I have ever built. This time the competition worked Very well with over 40 emails regarding places on my train!

For all of the winners of the Ace Airstrike Coaster… You can see your username on the NOT COMP WINERS slide show below. And you will also get to see your username in the music video for Air Strike. It is going to look amazing so stay tuned

The Coaster. I wanted to make a coaster that would really test my skills so I set out to make a tubular coaster and it worked. I did my best to make the track as realistic as possible. I also aimed to make the track as smooth as possible. I succeeded in some areas bud did not succeed in others. I now know what to do next time. the coaster has 3 inversions. First a Immalmann. Then comes my first ever Inclined loop to the right. Then I finished of with a Cork screw. I have always had trouble building cork screws and other inversions. So it took me a whilst to get the dimensions right. It pulled in a little bit to fast but other then that the shape of it is very nice.. Instead of flex rods as a back bone I found my own way. IS THIS A KNEX FIRST?? Using Track tubing as a back bone??? I don’t know. I simply thought of it at school one day. It worked AMAZINGLY!!!! I was so surprised at how affective it worked. I then added brakes to make the coaster that more realistic. I designed a simple and effective brake pad that was manual and you could adjust it to apply different resistant levels. It was mainly there to be another feature but it did a good job swell. This coaster was a huge success for me! I worked for 4 months of the coaster and the end result was amazing from the Brand new cars I painted to the Station deck. I loved every bit of the project.

I hope you can enjoy the videos I make and I hope you like the pictures as well I hope that you look at all of them and I also hope you can message me on YouTube. Thanks for all the help from everyone and a super big thanks to my Girlfriend Jacqui Nesbitt for doing Such and amazing Job in helping me out!! It coaster would not have a music video if it was not for Jacqui so thanks so much hunny. You sure have made me and all my fans proud you.

Her We Go!!! this is all the footage for AIR Strike

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Update 4:

Video Currently Uploading!

Air Strike Music Video:
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Pictures of Air Strike:

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